Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia. A Chechen man is standing on the field.
Kabardino-Balkaria, Russia. A poster with Putin and the stroke "We are proud of our country" stands at the roadside. Two hands lying on a table are reflected in the glasses. The Russian president grabs the glasses with a third hand.
Harachoj village, Chechnya, Russia. A boy raises his bicycle in front of his house.
Grozny, Chechnya. A cook in a Chechen restaurant makes tea.
Grozny, Chechnya. The director of a hostel in Grozny receives a resident.
Grozny, Chechnya, Russia. A young woman waves to her friend from the window of the medical school in Grozny.
Grozny, Chechnya, Russia. A Chechen man is sitting on a horse.
Village Perwomayskoye, Chechnya, Russia. A grave keeper is standing in the fog on the street in front of a Muslim cemetery.
Georgia. The shelters for the refugees from Ossetia are located along the Tbilisi-Chiatura road in the snow.
Tbilisi, Georgia. Georgian Christians celebrate Easter.
Georgia, Nikosi village. The children from the church school watch the video recordings of their shadow theatres.
A Georgian priest greets a border policeman.
Georgia, Nikosi village. A gravestone with a man and his car on it stands in a cemetery at the Georgian-South Ossetian border.
Racha, Georgia. A farmer underlines himself with a driver.
Shkmeri, Racha, Georgia. A woman relaxing on a rock at sunset.
Georgians sit firmly at one's table and sing.
Georgia, Khashmi. Children of the guests wash themselves on the commemoration day in honour of the Georgian writer Giorgi Leonidze.
Georgia, Kakheti, Nekressi. A priest beds in the Nekressi monastery. The Necressi monastery complex consists of several churches and other monastic buildings. The oldest building of the monastery, the small basilica from the 4th century, is at the same time one of the oldest still existing churches in Georgia.
Georgia, Kakheti, near Telavi. Two boys in Che Guevara T-shirts leave the Iqalto monastery. The monastery was founded in the second half of the 6th century by Zenon Iqaltoeli, a Christian religious founder who belonged to the so-called 13 Syrian fathers.
Georgia, Tbilisi. A painting is hanging in the storeroom of the Literature Museum.
Chiatura, Georgia. A man from Tbilisi comes to a monastery near the town of Chiatura to visit a monk.
Akhasheni, Kakheti, Georgia. A man cleaning a clay amphora, the Qvevri, in the Papari Valley winery.
Kardenakhi, Gurjaani parish, Kakheti, Georgia. A winemaker gets a spicy side dish from the kitchen for a wine tasting.
A tourist takes a look at the personal wagon of Stalin, which stands next to the Stalin Museum.
Chiatura, Imeretia, Georgia. Vegetable sellers are sitting at a small street market in Chiatura.
Georgia, Tbilisi. A woman in a yellow dress greets a man sitting in an old Soviet car Volga.
Chiatura, Imeretia, Georgia. The cable car employees are waiting for the departure of a cable car gondola. The gondola of the cable car in Tschiatura is often called the "iron coffin".
Chiatura, Imeretia, Georgia. A girl comes out of a cable car.
Chiatura, Imeretia, Georgia. Passengers of a cable car gondola accompanied by a cable car employee ride up a mountain. The gondola of the cable car in Tschiatura is often referred to as the "iron coffin".
Chiatura, Imeretia, Georgia. Two young men waiting for the departure of a cable car gondola. The gondola of the cable car in Tschiatura is often referred to as the "iron coffin".
Chiatura, Imeretia, Georgia. A cable car helmswoman is standing at her workplace. She has been working here for 33 years.
Racha, Georgia. A woman in a Russian off-road vehicle is waiting for the driver to take her from the mountains to the hotel.
A boy sleeps in a compartment in an old Soviet train that goes from Ganja to Baku.
Azerbaijan, Baku. A man walks down a staircase in front of the Aliyev Museum.
Azerbaijan, Baku. A security guard in front of a Baku miniature town in Aliyev Museum in his smartphone.
Azerbaijan, Barda. Two women sell cheese at the market in the town of Barda.
The children collect mulberries together with their grandparents in Tapqaragoyunlu. The village of Tapqaragoyunlu lies on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border and belongs to Azerbaijan. According to the villagers, the village is shot at daily from the Armenian side.
Azerbaijan, Surchany. A woman with a boy walking through the oil fields.
Azerbaijan, Baku. Youth play guitar in the old town of Baku.
Azerbaijan, Baku. Two young women sit on the balcony of the Gallery of Modern Art.