The Komi people on the North of Russia have traditionally been breeding reindeer. However, now their way of life is at risk of disappearing. Russia is investing huge sums into its Arctic projects, what impacts fatally the fragile nature of the North.
The struggle for the remained oil resources on the planet started long ago. The Republic of Komi is not an exception. This area, which is not much bigger than Germany, is located on the Northern East of Europe occupying underpopulated areas of tundra and taiga.
The Family of Arteevs belongs to Komi-Izhemtzy, the northernmost part of Komi. The nomad tribes follow the semi-wild herds of reindeer grazing on tundra. The meat, horns and fur of reindeer are the family’s source of income.
Oil industry employees leave countless oil spills behind, which impact the drinking water. Garbage is being left as well. The reindeer hurt their legs with the rusty nails sticking out of wooden boards, by pieces of broken glass or by metal ropes. Such injuries make the helpless animals easy meat for the bears, gluttons and infections. The high risks for the reindeers and their herders force more and more Komi leave their traditional way of life and find a job for oil companies, the biggest employers of the region.